bitter fruit - bittervrug

bitter fruit - bittervrug is a long term project to investigate the changing identity of whites in the new South Africa. In what way did the transition influence white self-perception and their living conditions in general. We look into the not new but more poignant phenomenon of white poverty as well as into the struggle of Afrikaaners to find a new group identity in a changed society where power issues are turned around.

bitter fruit - bittervrug is a work in progress that will take place within the next years and will be staged in different museums and project spaces in South Africa and Europe. Jozi art:lab is inviting various artists to create a constant artistic and social dialogue. As we do invite South African and international artists we will discover how different the perception from the inside and the outside might evaluate the topic. Throughout the time there will be lectures and workshops with universities and other institutions. A publication is planned, too.

curator: Indra Wussow

November 2010 - January 2011, Jozi art:lab, Johannesburg (South Africa)
February-March 2011, NWU Gallery in Potchefsstroom (South Africa)

Stephan Erasmus (South Africa)
book installation
Susanne Schleyer / Michael J. Stephan (Germany)
hoto and sound installation
Saskia Vredeveld (Netherlands)
"Arme blanken, de nieuwe onderklasse van Zuid Afrika"
documentary film

Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle (Germany), April-June 2012
Roelof van Wyk (South Africa)
portraits of young Afrikaaners

forthcoming projects:

Suzanne du Preez (South Africa)
public intervention

Charl Pierre Naudé (
South Africa)

Judith Kuckart (Germany)
text und workshop

Tim Staffel (Germany)
theatre workshop and play

Indra Wussow (Germany / South Africa)
radio play

Fine Kwiatkowski (Germany)
dance project

Itumeleng Mokgope (South Africa)
dance project und work shop

Mittelweg 36, 21. Jahrgang Februar/März 2012, issue 1
Poor Whites - photographies and interviews by Susanne Schleyer, Michael J. Stephan and Stephan Erasmus. An exhibition project of Jozi art:lab
Essay by Indra Wussow
(c) Stephan Erasmus
(c) S. Schleyer / Michael J. Stephan
(c) Saskia Vredeveld