The Kliptown Art Project

Kliptown is one of the oldest parts of the former township of Soweto, south west of the city of Johannesburg. In 1955 opponents of the Apartheid regime gathered on the square that is known today as Walter-Sisulu-Square to demonstrate against the regime and to declare the Freedom Charter, which has been one of the fundamental priciples of the ANC.

50 years later the square was changed into a memorial place that many inhabitants of Kliptown rather consider "a white elephant" than part of their life. While the Walter-Sisulu-Square with its postmodern architecture and  adjacent 4-star hotel is popular among tourists, the 40.000 inhabitants around live under poor circumstances, most of them in huts without electricity or water supply.

The "Kliptown Art Project" is inviting South African and international artists of all disciplines to focus on the square, the life around it, to look into its architecture, its purpose and its social meaning. It is an important part of the project to collect and share inside and outside perspectives. It is crucial that this project gives the inhabitants of Kliptown back their voice and therefore work shops with local groups and artists are initiated.

The "Kliptown Art Project" in Johannesburg is curated by Indra Wussow.

May 2011, Johannesburg
Not heaven but sky
Workshop with Fine Kwiatkowski und Willehad Grafenhorst

April 2011, Johannesburg
Sky drawings
Workshop with Katrin Wegemann at Kliptown

March 2011, Johannesburg
Graffiti-Workshop with Jonas Gerberding at Kliptown

18 April 2009, Johannesburg 
Kliptown Art Project
Kgafela oa Magogodi - Bua Fela Soweto

28 March 2009, Johannesburg

23 November 2008, Johannesburg
Opening Event