Performative sculpture

Katrin Wegemann - Floating Bodies

7th to 27th April 2011

In her show Floating Bodies Katrin Wegemann will present her latest body of work. For some time she has been experimenting with  air as  material in her work. In this performative sculpture bodies will float through space. For a short time sculptures will be created, each one different from the other and unique. A machine is producing soap bubbles. These airy items are sculptural bodies of air in space and could be transparent or coloured. Although the machine is electronically operated  its output of bubbles will always be different and they all look different from each other. The process itself cannot be controlled. Therewith the artist is creating a poem of bubbles that is perpetually rewriting itself in time and space. 
German artist Katrin Wegemann is exploring natural processes and  is visualising and materialising its duration and timeframe specifically. With her objects and sculptures she is redefining the space they inhabit and is focusing on their choreography in a particular space. 
Her performative sculptures therefore constantly provoke  a reconsideration of our reflection on the relation between image and time.

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7th April, 18:00 opening
with a poetry reading by Charl Pierre Naudé
"Charl Pierre Naudés poems are fresh and very engaging contributions to South African poetry: I know nothing similar. The poetic quality lies less in the diction, imagery and form and more in the imagined dreamlike (yet not coldly surrealistic) situations and their rooting in realistic place-descriptions and characterizations, and in its invocations of South African history, and in occasional references to scientific theories." (Lionel Abrahams)
After the reading Wegemann and Naudé will discuss the idea of time and space in art and poetry together with jozi art:lab curator Indra Wussow.

14th April, 18:00 Dance Performance „Floating“  with Tumi Mokgope
Dancer and choreographer Tumi Mokgope is exploring the antagonism of gravity and weightlessness. How can a body challenge natural processes and put these upside down?
The dancing body is conquering the space and interfering with the floating bodies of Katrin Wegemann's installation. The dancing body becomes itself part of the installation through the interaction and redefines its sculptural space.This sculpture again will constantly change itself through its very nature  and thus constantly challenging the dancers perception of time, inner and outer space and movement....

For further information please call:
Indra Wussow              076-501 42 91
Itumeleng Mokgope      072-343 10 98

Jozi art:lab, Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Main Street, Johannesburg

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