workshop „Make your mark“ at the Soweto Kliptown Youth

Jonas Gerberding

12th March 2011

31 years old Jonas Gerberding aka liesoa bends down, holding an "Africa"-stencil. A 12 years old girl looks serious, while she's spraying into the stencil. Carefully Jonas takes the plastic away, both looking to the red Africa, leaving on the wall. The girl studies Jonas face, he nods towards the stencil, the girl stands up, looking proud.

The Hamburg Artist is visiting the "Soweto Kliptown Youth", shorten to SKY. In this part of Soweto rises one shack next to the other one, clean water is only flowing out of the communal tab and a dirt road leads its way through Kliptown along the railway. This is the situation you grow up in Kliptown.

Some of the kids coming to SKY are orphanages, others are coming to the SKY-kitchen, in hope for food at lunch time. People struggling hard in this part of the township and SKY try to help the youngest of their citizens with different kind of programs. That's why Indra Wussow introduced Jonas to SKY.

Jonas decided to share time with a couple of youngsters, doing what he loves most: painting with spraycans. "With the workshop I wanted to give them the opportunity to learn how to use spraypaints and stencils", he said. "I had a plan, what to do in this workshop. But in the minute they got a hand on the spraycans and the stencils – you couldn't stop them." So they're painting the wall at the entrance at the SKY-complex. "As they were obviously having fun, I cancelled my plans and sticked on helping them and giving advices, while we were spraying the wall." 
                                             Rayka Kobiella

Kliptown Art Project